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How we can Withdraw Money from FieWin App

This is very good time that you are going to withdraw your winnings from FieWin. If you are playing with a strategy and tricks, it is damn sure that you will get more chances to withdraw money from FieWin.

In this article, Let’s talk about the process that how to withdraw money from your account. So let’s Proceed.

How we can withdraw money From FieWin ?

To withdraw money, you have to go to your account and click the button ‘Withdraw‘. After click the button, you will be redirected to the withdrawal window.

Now fill up the amount you want to withdraw and click the withdraw button.

How to add Account to Withdraw Money ?

This is very very important to add your payment method or account to withdraw the money from FieWin.

If you are new to FieWin, you need to add payment method and account only at once.

To Add Payment Method, Follow the instructions given below –

  1. Click on ‘ + add payment method‘.
  2. After Click, You will have 3 options –

A. New UPI
B. New Bank Account
C. New Paytm Wallet Account

  1. Now, Click on a option from given 3 payment methods and you will be proceed.

For example, if You Choose option New Bank Account, then you need to fill these details to add you bank account into FieWin account.

  1. Your Name (As per Your Bank Account Passbook).
  2. Your IFSC code.
  3. Your Account Number.

After filling all these above details, click on ‘Save‘ button. Your Account will be added and will be activated for withdrawing the amount.

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How much time does it take to deposite amount into your account ?

Generally, the process of withdrawing money in FieWin is very Good and fast. After proceeding for withdraw, it takes less then a minute to deposit the amount into your account.

How much FieWin charges for Withdraw money ?

If you are withdrawing the money from FieWin, it takes some charges which are as follows –

  1. If you are withdrawing less then 1500 Rs then you will be charged 30 Rs for this transaction.
  2. If you are withdrawing more then 1500 Rs then you will be charged by 2% for this transaction.

What is minimum limit to withdraw from FieWin ?

In this app, you cannot withdraw the money less then 35 Rs. This is a valid minimum limit to withdraw the money.

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