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FieWin Crash Game Tricks, Download Now, Get 1000Rs.

As we can see from the past record of FieWin game that the crash game among all the FieWin games is more popular in comparison to others. there is just a means of popularity which is that this game is so simple and more profitable in nature.

everyone can play with some simple steps only and this game doesn’t need more rules. so in this article we will talk about the crash game provided in Fiewin game. so let’s proceed.

What is Crash Game in FieWin ?


In the running screen of this game we can clearly see that a small helicopter started to fly and as higher as this helicopter goes our multiplication of rupees also goes higher. then what we see that suddenly it crashes and if we have exited before it crashed then we will in profit or if we have not exited before it crashed, we will lose our betting amount.


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How to Play Crash Game


First, choose how much you want to place order. Click “START” to place your order and watch the multiplier rise from 1.00x upwards! You can click “STOP” at any time in order to multiply your point with the current multiplier. But be careful: The game can end at any time, and if you haven’t stop by then, you get nothing!
Note: If the game has started, the order you placed will be the next game.

How is the amount calculated ?


If the amount of your order is 100, the escape multiple is 5.0x, after deducting 3 rupees service fee, your contract amount is 97 rupees:
5.0X: You will get (97 * 5) 485 rupees.

How high can the multiplier go ?


Up to 500 times! This means if you get this highest multiplication for your rupees in the crash game betting. your amount will be 500 times in your hand. This shows that how much higher opportunities is hidden in this game.

What is minimum amount to play this game?


we can play this game only with Rs 20 or else we can say that the minimum amount to bet in this game is 20 rupees. which can give you many more opportunities to get your amount multiply by a big number.

Trics of Crash Games

As this is very usual to discuss that anyone cannot predict these games or we can say that these games are unpredictable for sure shots. we can just take an idea from its past performance result and after analysing the past result we can conclude a tric based on our stats.

Only such type of trick, I am going to discuss with you.

If you are going to bet in crash game then before applying this trick you have to just wait and watch the trend of helicopter for past 3 to 4 results. if in the past performance helicopter had reached only 2 to 2.5 Times multiply, you have to bet just after it to get profit.

This time you see that helicopter reaches for minimum 10 points height and as fast as helicopter touches the multiplication of 10 points you just have to stop the game and find your profit in your account.

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