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FieWin Circle Game Tricks, Prediction, Sign Up Bonus 1000 Rs

Today, we will talk about the FieWin Circle Games tricks and the Predictions for this game. we will tell you that how to play this game to make it simple and profitable. if you follow the underwritten points then surely you will overcome your loss and this game will be profitable for you.

FieWin Circle Game Tricks


Before discussing About the tricks of this Game, we will take a look on the basics of this game. we will discuss the fundamentals of this game and the rules to play this Game.

What is FieWin Circle Game ?

This is a spin wheel based game in which there are many options for betting in this game. these options are as follows:


Colors –

  1. Green Color
  2. Yellow Color
  3. Red Color

Numbers – 

This game also consists of the NUMBERS at which you can bet upon.

Icons – 

There are four Icons Also at which we can bet. these are –

  1. Crown
  2. Lion
  3. Buffalo
  4. Elephant

The colors, numbers and the icons, all have the different multipliers of the Amount.

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FieWin Circle Game Tricks – 

This is very important that you have to watch this game for 10 minutes Before betting in this Game. this fact will reduce the chances to loss your money and will clear your target in your mind. this thing is based on the pattern Creating.

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After Reading the Flow of the Game for 10 Minutes, you have to make a pattern in your mind that what is the flow of the game in present time. is the pattern is clear in your mind then only you must bet in this game.

Color Based Pattern –

IF you are looking for color prediction bd betting then you should follow the given Formula –

if the Result of Last two Time is YELLOW then there is Very Strong Probability that again the Result will be YELLOW Color.

If the Result of Last two Time is GREEN then there is Very Strong Probability that again the Result will be GREEN Color.

if the Result is following Green and Yellow and then Green for last three times, then the Result will be GREEN Color in present bet.

For Red Color – 

As we know that Red Color has the highest multiplier of amount in this game that is why the Red color looks very rare in the results. but we are telling you the Trick that if you have not seen the Red Color in the result for past 10 times then this is the Strongest Probability that in next 2 Times there will be the Red color.

If you see this type of pattern then you can fearlessly bet in this game.

Cautions – As you know that the predictions in this game is very hard. so play at your own risks and this is much better to make your own Pattern. Do not bet more then 200 Rupees in this game otherwise this is the Maximum possibility that you will loose.

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